Happy ageday Lilaps ˙ ͜ʟ˙ Thank you for indirectly reminding me of the joy of mahou sakkaa. YOU ARE TOO COOL IM SO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU!!!!! Keep rolling like sakkaa would!!

The weather is starting to get warm. Yet most of these were done staring out of a window. Get a grip kid.

Drawn for virtual money. Slow laugh.

Yeehaw Perfect Star Perfect Style preorders are now closed!!!! So many people bought!! Dhi and me are super pleased with the positive reception! We never expected to sell this many! How am I going to carry all of these to the post office (a dilemma I am very glad about)

I’d estimate the zines to start shipping out next week, if no delays present themselves! =w= Once they come out of print THERE WILL BE PICTURES HEH

ZINEを買ってくれたみなさんに実にありがとうございました!! ここからZINEわ刷されに行きますと、来週は郵便局につれてきます!

waahh q__q Thank you everyone for the positive response to the jojozine!! Dhi and me are overwhelmed!!! Rolling in the air!

The stickers are now sold out, sorry! If you ordered anytime before this here post was posted you are getting them for sure!

THANK YOU thank you again aaa everyone’s art in this is so good, I’m their biggest fan!!

Finally we are ready to reveal this: a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fanzine, centered around the theme of Fashion!

~~Perfect Star Perfect Style - PREORDERS NOW OPEN~~

★  12€ / 36 pages / 148 x 210mm/ Full color ★

★ Main Artists: Ayapus & Ar-raqis
★ Guest Artists: Kurkoboltsi, Piyohiko, Cir0u, Betamin, Millionfish, Coffee-giraffe

The zine consists of 28 full-page illustrations! The first 40 orders get a set of 6 stickers as a preorder bonus! All gone!

Shipping to Finland is included in the price. Shipping to Europe will cost +0.50€, everywhere else +1€ !

These preorders will end on 14th of April! After that, the books will go be printed, and start shipping after that. We’ll keep you updated on how everything is going! If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask! We are excited to share our love for Jojo, just in time for the Stardust Crusaders anime!! ★★★


mahou shoujos

everywhere is nice

Annual steel ball dorks

Annual steel ball dorks

Hourly comic day 2014! I spend 12 hours sleeping so documenting the remaining 12h should suffice

This is such an average day, like 10% of my days are like this

grinding for exp, need to lvl up

their costumes are too much work to draw

their costumes are too much work to draw

YEE there was a post about the Myers-Briggs types of poke charas and thinking about them made me happy so i drew

always the same rooms

french professeur 

french professeur